Natalia Ely

Natalia’s passion for Kinesiology started when she experienced an injury and found relief through the practice and being so impressed decided to study Kinesiology in 2019 and subsequently has seen great client results ever since her qualification that followed. Natalia creates a personal experience for each client to ensure their needs are met and applies a pursuit centred on identifying specific goals aimed at enhancing overall well-being in client’s physical, emotional and mental health and energy balance. Each session serves as an enlightening educational journey where Natalia and her client collaborate synergistically to attain the client’s predetermined positive goals. Through the strategic alignment of the body’s energies with these affirmative objectives, together Natalia embarks on unlocking her client’s profound healing energy. Together, the mission is to restore equilibrium across three pivotal dimensions: mental and psychological, structural, and biochemical, fostering a holistic approach to optimal health and vitality. During Natalia’s free time she enjoys going to the gym, Yoga, and the beach.

Kinesiology offers life changing benefits of self-empowerment, enhanced flexibility and posture, feeling a sense of vitality and resilience, alignment with a client’s true potential, emotional well-being, better managing and coping with the challenges of daily life, while improving personal growth and performance in various aspects of life and contributing to a more balanced, resilient, and vibrant way of living.

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90 Minutes


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0424 420 796

0424 420 796


Diploma Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP)
Certificate Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP)
Touch for Health I-V
International Institute for Complementary Therapies Member

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