Grace Deavin

Grace is our highly qualified Nutritionist, Dietitian and Eating Disorder Clinician. Grace takes an individualised, whole-person approach – working alongside clients to guide them on their own journey towards nourishment, balance and wellbeing. Grace loves empowering her clients with the knowledge, skills and confidence to overcome eating concerns and improve their health and works with people across the life course, from children and their families, through to adolescents, adults and the elderly. Grace is a warm and thoughtful dietitian with many years of experience working in a variety of community-based healthcare settings and is non-judgmental, empathetic and makes her clients feel comfortable and cared for during their sessions together. Grace has worked in many areas with diverse populations in the community health sector and her approach to nutrition counselling is gentle and non-prescriptive – she’s not the type to hand out cookie-cutter meal plans or chastise clients for “slip ups”. Rather, Grace helps clients develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies and is experienced in managing several therapies.
Grace Deavin Dynamic Wellness Hub

Therapies Available

Eating Disorders
Emotional & Binge Eating
Poor Body Image / Chronic Dieting
Nutrition for Mental Health
Chronic Disease Management (e.g., Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Hypertension)
Women’s Health Issues (e.g., PCOS, Endometriosis)
Nutritional Deficiencies (e.g., Iron Deficiency Anaemia)
Gut Issues (e.g., IBS, IBD, Constipation)

Therapies Pricing


60 Minutes

Initial Appointment


40 Minutes

Standard Appointment


(Save 10%)

4x Pack Appointment Package

(1x Initial + 3x Standard Appointments)


(Save 15%)

6x Pack Appointment Package

(1x Initial + 5x Standard Appointments)

Contact details

0431 602 144

0431 602 144


Bachelor (Honours) Nutrition and Dietetics
Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)
Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician (CEDC)

General Information

Medicare: GPs can provide eligible patients with Medicare referrals for dietitian services through using either:
a) Eating Disorder Management Plan (Up to 20 sessions per year, rebate $56), or
b) Chronic Disease Management Plan (Up to 5 sessions per year, rebate $56)

Speak to your GP about the best plan for you.

Health insurance: Most health insurance companies provide rebates for dietitian services, depending on your level of cover.

Check with your provider to see if you are eligible.

Referrals: Referrals are welcome from all doctors and health professionals, although they are not a requirement to schedule appointments with Grace.

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