Practitioner Room Rental Bookings and Client Appointments

The rooms in Dynamic Wellness Hub are designed to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for clients. Some of the rooms feature natural light, calming colours, and soothing decor to promote relaxation and stress reduction. Additionally, plants and other natural elements can enhance the overall atmosphere and provide a sense of connection to nature.

Our Northern Beaches rooms also have the necessary office equipment and tools for various natural therapies. Massage rooms will have a massage table in them free of charge, however Masseuses will provide their own oils and linens and dispose of waste and used linens in preparation for subsequent use of the room by other Masseuses. Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths will provide their own specialised treatment bed and/or equipment at their own cost – the same applies for other Allied Health and Beauty Practitioners whom rent our rooms to operate their business. Where in use by a Practitioner, needle disposal containers and disposing of needle containers will be the responsibility of the Practitioner – most commonly seen with Acupuncture Northern Beaches Balgowlah, Beauty and Cosmetic Injections services Northern Beaches Balgowlah. Our Naturopathy Northern Beaches Balgowlah, Nutrition Northern Beaches Balgowlah, Life Coaching Northern Beaches Balgowlah and Counseling room Northern Beaches Balgowlah is fitted with a consultation desk and office chair, a comfortable armchair for client sessions, but reference books and other related medical resources are to be made available by each Practitioner. These obligations in general help Practitioners to provide the best possible care to their clients in a clean and safe environment.

Our Northern Beaches Balgowlah room rentals are also designed with the privacy and comfort of clients in mind. Access to the rooms will be through doors located in the main reception area.. This can help clients to feel more at ease and allow them to relax during their treatment fully. Additionally, the rooms are cleaned and sanitised regularly to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for clients.

Dynamic Wellness Hub Practitioner Inclusions

Stylish kitchen facilities

Reception and office furniture included

Beautiful waiting area with tea & water stations

Use of essential oil diffusers and low volume ambient music

HICAPS may be offered by a Practitioner

Regular cleaning services provided

Use of Dynamic Wellness Hub’s CRM software and associated bank merchant fees covered by room rental price

Each room also features a small basin, ample storage cupboards, a natural rug and soothing wall artwork

The cost covers the creation of a website profile and social media presence, excluding paid advertisements

Convenient and central location in the heart of Balgowlah residential and community area

Use of common areas

Professional working environment with building outgoings and electricity included

Professional community for collaborations and referrals

Included marketing to our Dynamic Pilates clients

Your own Dynamic Wellness Hub email account

Dynamic Wellness Hub Balgowlah - Room-1

Room 1

2.8m x 2.7m

Dynamic Wellness Hub Balgowlah - Room-2

Room 2

2.8m x 2.7m

Dynamic Wellness Hub Balgowlah - Room-3

Room 3

2.7m x 2.6m

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