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Dynamic Wellness Hub offers a broad range of health rooms for rent Northern Beaches Balgowlah, with flexible rental options available from half-daily through to permanent packages, catering to health and wellness professionals looking to establish their own practices. We also provide a comprehensive location featuring an array of day-to-day medical, therapy, and treatment services that support busy individuals in their health regimes. 

Clients to schedule an appointment, please take advantage of our convenient online booking system. Simply select your preferred practitioner, choose a suitable date and time, and provide the necessary details. Upon confirmation of your appointment, you will receive an email that includes all  relevant information.

We recognise that unexpected situations can arise and you may need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. If that’s the case, please contact your practitioner as soon as possible, and they will gladly make the necessary arrangements.

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Each practitioner at our clinic boasts extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience in their field, as well as an unwavering passion for natural therapies.

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Are you a healthcare or wellness practitioner seeking professional practice space within a clinic setting?

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